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Carry On Grub: 1st September @8pm
Halloween Special: 30th October @7pm

We've got loads of great shows with real DJs.

Here's our taster menu:

Grub Live!

We ARE Grub Radio. Nathan and Dave fill you in on the best rock, metal and everything in between. You'll even get a taste of Nathan's cheesy end. Full of features, fun and filth, so grab a few beers, order a curry and and listen to some Grub Live. Posers need not apply.

Gilmours’ Plectrum

He gave his soul to rock and roll. Dave takes you on a journey through yester-year, playing you the best classic rock, metal and psychedelic stuff.

Necro Metal

Bang your freaking heads! NecroNath plays the most awesome, loud and heaviest of heavy metal. Extreme music for extreme people. Metal in your face? the Necro Metal show is the place for you.


Embrace the darkness. NecroNath plays you the best in goth, industrial, EBM and anything a tad ‘synthy'.

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